Bulldogs Get Lucky And Move On To CIF

By:Jules Miller

Sometimes, it’s just good luck! On November 6th, HHS played against EHS on bulldog territory,making it the last home game of the season. The bulldogs were ready to fight for the win against the lions. While the game was filled with energy and the crowd was filled with high spirit, the bulldogs were just not able to score as much as they would have liked too.

With the fourth quarter coming to an end, the bulldogs and the lions were at a tie, however with a successful kick, the lions managed to get an extra point and take the win with a score IMG_4913of 7-8. The HHS team feared that indeed their season was officially over, however there still was a way to ensure their ticket to the CIF playoffs.  The only way now these boys could advance was by the decision of a coin toss. If HHS beat CHS then the team will be able to move up to CIF once again!

Senior player Dante Jamison ,who received a full ride college scholarship, said ” I am just so proud of my team. Even though we thought for a second our season was over, I am glad we get to move on and play one last CIF game”. The team was excited and joyful when realizing they were in fact moving on to the CIF playoffs, set to take place on November 20th. Senior Xavier Brown said “though we didn’t win this game, it feels so good knowing that we played one heck of a good season. I could not be prouder of my team”. GO. FIGHT.WIN.