California State University Workshop

By: Isabel Kollar

Hey Highland High School seniors, the time for college applications is finally here! Counselors are very aware that many students can struggle during the application process, which is why they have organized a series of workshops in order to help those in need with one on one help.

The CSU workshop was held on Tuesday October 27 in the student union during sixth period. HHS counselors, Mrs.Moya and Mr. De La Pena helped students sign in, giving csu_mapthem flyers with important information, such as deadlines and key dates. The workshop drew in and overwhelming one hundred plus students filled with high hopes for their future.

Senior Kaylin Russel said “I am here because I want to know how the application process works. The deadline is around the corner and I need to figure this stuff out now”. Luckily our wonderful counselors were there to help. Mrs.Moya led the workshop, going slide by slide of everything having to do with CSUMentor, the website where all CSU applications are filled out. Here are just a few things you need to know:

  • Both CSU and UC’s require SAT and/or ACT with writing.
  • November 30th is the deadline for submitting applications. If you need help, there is a CSU Application
  • The application fee is $55 per campus but fee waivers are available.

Here are some things you need to have ready for your application:

  • -ACT, SAT scores or knowledge of the date you are taking it
    – AP test results if you took them
    – Copy of high school transcript and current schedule
    – Knowledge of household income for fee waiver qualification (This cannot be changed once you enter it)

For students who would like one on one help, counselors have opened their doors before school, during lunch, and after school, in order to help struggling students.