Classroom Remodeling!

By: Andrea Manzur

 What should a classroom of the future look like? Principal Ford has put up a project for students to remodel classrooms with a $12,000 budget. Since the library was transformed into the student union, Ford’s next step is to remodel the classrooms. Ford would like “the students to  come up with a solution because they are the ones that are majorly impacted here”. Other schools are remodeling classrooms with a $70,000 to $80,000 dollar budget which is ineffective because 1 classroom per year will be remodeled. So that’s why Mr. Ford capped the 12,000 budget snode_chair_by_steelcaseo “we can replicate classrooms each year”.

Ford believes classrooms should be remodeled on the concept of collaboration due to research that shows students work best when in groups because “you can do a variety of things with others and collaboration is the most powerful part of learning so how do we develop classrooms that open up collaboration and creativity?”. Students interested in presenting classroom remodeling ideas must meet the deadline, which has been extended to January after winter break.     

  After students get the opportunity to show Ford their ideas, he will bring a committee of people in to decide which concept to actually pitch to the board, Ford “does not care about how cool the classroom looks but its functionality. Is it functional what educators are trying to accomplish here? Will it be good for the studenst? Make sure to stop by Mr. Ford’s office to ask any questions.