Adele’s New Album ’25’

By:Masha Dennerline

The highly anticipated new Adele album has finally released! With her first single “Hello”,  Adele instantly took over the radio, comedian acts and worldwide music. This song gave her fans a sne2E9AF3B100000578-3325358-image-m-66_1447950044797ak peek of what was to come. Adele has now had 3 successful albums with 21 marking her growing fame.

In the album 21 the music pertained to a woman who was trying to get through bad romances.The album showed her holding on to those memories with regret.She sings in a way as if she was singing to the men she had the relationship with quotes like “We could have had it all”. Many fans recognize Adele from her hit songs like: “Rolling in the Deep”, “Someone Like You”, “Chasing Pavements” etc.

Now with 25 it shows her fans how to understand the past, reminisce and then say goodbye. Multiple songs like “Water Under the Bridge and “When we were young” tells exactly that.

Some of Adele’s inspirations actually come from mainstream music, like Ryan Tedder. All of the tracks on 25 show her journey from who she used to be all the way to present day. The ballads on her tracks also has inspiration from classic acoustic artists. Many of those classical artists have already raved about it saying that Adele is a genius.

From recent research it seems that people of all ages and celebrities are ecstatic about finally being able to understand Adele deeper. 25 is definitely her best album. The album shows her maturity with the wayadele-i-d-1 she sings and emotion she puts behind it. I do recommend listening to it because Adele is one of the few artists today that tell a story through beautiful vocal chords.It also makes fans wonder if there is anybody currently in her life, as she hints in her songs of how the relationship would be once that person comes back to town.