Awkward Season 5 Review

By: Arlene Valencia

Awkward is an original MTV television show about a girl named Jenna Hamilton. Jenna has gone through many horrible events in high school such as losing her best friend, having her mom blackmail her, being a second choice, being embarrassed in front of the school, and many MTV_logo_Awkwardother things. However she has gone through great things as well, being in love, helping others, going on fun trips, and graduating from Palos High School.

Season 5 revolves around Jenna and her senior year, she wants things to be perfect but nothing seems to be going right. She is trying to keep up with her friends, college applications, graduation requirements, and her personal life. Jenna goes through a lot trying to keep up. Not only does she have the stress of school on her mind but then she also has boy drama, her pregnant mom, and helping her best friend make up her mind.

The first couple episodes are on how Jenna believes she can still be in love with her first love Matty Mckibben who’s always loved Jenna but has never wanted to quite make it known. She believes that she has to ecd4971169c0cda84ede81d9abd1admit it to herself and to him, she makes many attempts however it doesn’t work. Jenna is trying so hard to own up and tell him but things don’t seem right to tell him since he will be going away to a university.

A couple episodes further Jenna decides it isn’t right to tell Matty since he will be gone, but what she doesn’t know is that Matty is very much in love with her as well. As they begin to get ready for prom and graduation, many things begin to crash down such as Jenna’s best 54972b_a1a93a3f5cfe41d48c49f2afd2ceef66friend being dumped for being a liar, her mom being emotional about her pregnancy, and Sadie being heart broken.

On the last episodes things start looking up for Jenna, she finally got the nerve to tell Matty she’s head over heels for him and that he in fact feels the same way. However things take a turn … The season finale in this drama television series leaves you wanting more, everything blows up and things find their place for Jenna but for how long?..

Now to wait for season 6…