Book Review: See Me

By: Amairany Armenta

See Me, a novel written by Nicholas Sparks, was released this October. Sparks is a tragic love story writer and all of his books have left his 24820165readers in tears.This book, aside from romance also has suspense.The book introduces you to the life of Maria and Colin who meet on a rainy night and later are set up by Maria’s younger sister Serena who happens to know Colin.The two don’t hit it off at first but eventually they do and their romance starts,but nothing last forever. Since they are both followed by their past. Eventually they overcome the obstacles put in their way by faith.

The book will have you hitting your nails and you will not want to put it down until you finish the last word.

Maria a lawyer working at a new firm is the daughter of Mexican immigrants and recently graduated law school moved to Wilmington to be closer to her family.Colin is a 28 year old MMA a2015-10-21_0002mateur,starting college to become a third grade teacher to leave his troubled past behind.The story takes place in Wilmington,NC , which Is the hometown of Maria and Colin recently moved there. See Me has even greater suspense than Safe Haven. This fits into a larger context of Sparks’ work showing that love is love and it has no boundaries . Personally I recommend this book to any hopeless romantic out there like me because it makes you fall in love with the characters and it’s such a good storyline. See Me will not disappoint you and remember “See me as I see you “