Creed is a Knockout!

By: Tannisse Johnson

When you say “What a knock out!” You might be referring to Creed , the movie that came out Nov.25 and had everybody talking. Ryan Coogler (also the director of Fruitville Station) put together an amazing story, representing that courage, hard work, and a God given gift all tie together to create a beautiful outcome. Creed tells us the creedpostersmallstory of the adolescent son of heavyweight champion, Apollo Creed. Creed was first brought out to the ring in the 1976 hit movie Rocky. The movie became widely popular and was followed with what felt like 100 sequels. Creed does a great job with giving the audience  a comfortable feeling by creating the same Rocky story with an unbreakable spirit .

Michael B Jordan plays Adonis Johnson (Creed’s son) a trouble maker that spent most of his life in and out of a group home. After his biological mother died when he was very young( along with his father, Apollo Creed) he acted out his feelings with violence. He only stop when  a woman he’s never met named Mary Anne( played by Phylicia Rashad) comes to take him and raise him as her own son. It is soon learned that Mary Anne is the widow of Apollo Creed and was spending time trying to track down Adonis.

After some time goes by, Adonis is a young adult who isn’t happy with his life and occupation. Adonis wants to take action with his boxing talent. Although he knows that pursuing this upsets his mother, he goes anyway to follow his own. This leads him to Philadelphia to track down his father’s old opponent also known as the legendary Rocky Balboa ( played by Sylvester Stallone) and convinces the old boxer to train him and help him capture his own name in the ring. Sylvester’s character is skeptical at first for training Adonis, but once he finds out that he is the very son of his old opponent he becomes more confident.

Creed also comes across a gifted singer and writer, Bianca , played by the beautiful Tessa Thompson. The two meet and create a chemistry that Coogler definitely put very well together, she becomes his mentor and helps him take control of his anger, what also makes it quite romantic is that it’s the only girl he has ever been with. Creed takes rocky-7-spinoff-creed-apollo-1024x680action with his craft and trains with Balboa every single day from the crack of sunrise to the break of dawn, Coogler creates a challenge of encouragement for the audience. The young boxer’s real challenge arises when he is taunted and challenged to box with another big time Irish boxer( real life UK-boxer Tony Bellew).This scene gets the audience pumped, and there’s no doubt that Creed’s hard work pays off.

Ryan Coogler does an absolutely amazing job with the film, he makes a hardcore physical movie into a bitter sweet story containing: love, determination, heartbreak and success within, and that’s all really matters. Michael B Jordan makes the character who he is with his charm and charisma, with the help of Tessa Thompson the two gives an audience a cushion of romance.Sylvester Stallone completes the story and doesn’t destroy the Rocky legacy. This is a perfect family film so I recommend anyone to watch.