Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur

By: Kristopher Gomez Vidal

The Good Dinosaur was recently released on November 25th, 2015. This newly released animated children’s film by Pixar, follows young and timid dinosaur, Arlo, and young cave boy, Spot, on an adventure toThe_Good_Dinosaur_poster find their way back home. These two partners in crime get lost within a raging storm that took the life of Arlo’s father. The adventure these two partners go on is exciting and will have you cry tears of happiness and sadness.

The plot of the movie was very well written and the adventure Arlo and Spot ties along well with the storyline. As Arlo’s brother and sister, Buck and Libby, easily adapt to life on their parents farm, Arlo finds himself troubled by trying to prove himself to the family. Being the smallest out of his whole family Arlo’s personality effects him in a negative way in the beginning of the movie. Arlo seems afraid to try new tasks and lets anyone talk over him because he has no voice for himself being the way he is in the movie. Trying to prove himself to his father, Arlo comes across the young cave boy by the name of Spot. Throughout the film Arlo grows a newfound bond with the cave boy, although feelings were not initially mutual, when Arlo found Spot, he started beginning to like his company. The adventure these two partners go through will have audiences all across America laughing and crying with their families.


The film chose to use young actors for the voices of the animated dinosaurs. The film was fantastic in casting these actors. The movie itself has beautiful visual effects such as the vast mountains, the way the water moves so elegantly makes it seem realistic at times gooddino-largethroughout the movie, each small detail put into the effects make you appreciate the movie even more. Throughout the movie this nature also acts as the antagonist in the film, the plot of the movie is Arlo and Spot trying to find their way back home but in some ways nature is trying to stop them in forms of thunderstorms, severe rain, and rock slides. Pixar has yet released another great film for families all across America.