H.E.R.O Club to Sponsor Special Bulldog Prom

By: Kristopher Gomez-Vidal

Highland High School will be hosting a prom for our special bulldog program. This will be held on our campus and will take place on March 17th 2016. H.E.R.O Club will be the hosts of the Special Bulldog Prom this year and plan to make it as fun as last year’s bulldog prom. The students that attended the prom last year enjoyed every moment of the dance from the decorations to the photo booth and to the variety of food they were serving at the dance.

I spoke with one of the members of the H.E.R.O Club to get their opinionProm 2011 on the upcoming event. “A lot of planning goes into it but at the end of the day it is worth seeing the students enjoy themselves at prom.” said senior representative Jennifer Cruz. Many of the other members of the H.E.R.O Club are excited to start planning for the Special Bulldog Prom as well. This year’s prom theme will be Fairy Tale and will be held in the small gym during school hours.

These club members are constantly looking for new ways to help our school become a better place and having a Special Bulldog Prom is a great way to make students enjoy themselves.More people should become active members of the HHS H.E.R.O Club because of the many things they participate in at school. The members of the club are dedicated to their community and enjoy seeing the smiles on many faces. They are constantly striving to accomplish many things and have not failed in doing so.

If you are interested in volunteering at the prom, go to H.E.R.O Club meetings held every Friday during A & B Lunch !