HHS News: AP Test Registration

By: Hillary Ramirez

Hey AP students! The time has come once again to register for the long awaited AP test sessions. The tests are set to take place during a two week period in the month of May (Monday, May 2nd – Friday, May 13th) . Applications went out Monday,January 11 and can be found in the vice principal’s office during school hours. Each test is priced at $92, hoAP-Logowever fee waivers are available for those with free or reduced lunch. With the deadline being Friday, February 26, it is suggested to get the application done as soon as possible, getting both the form and money orders in on time.

For most students, AP testing can be a really stressful event. All year long students strive to achieve academic excellence by tackling rigorous courses that range from AP Calculus to AP Literature and are then expected to show their mastery in the month of May. Senior,Jennifer Cruz said “the AP test is very important because not only does it test you on how much you know on a subject, it also offers college credit on passing scores. Putting in hours of studying pays off because in the end it will save you money for college, which is never a bad thing”

Although AP testing is 3 months away, it is highly suggested to start studying as of early January in order to refresh all topics and be well prepared on testing day. Weeks can go by fairly quickly and with activities piling up it can be easy to procrastinate studying. Senior, Darlene Rowe said “last year I took 3 AP tests and did not realize how much studying I actually had to do. Now I am more experienced and know how much time and effort I have to put in in order to receive a passing score”.

Whether your schedule is piled with rigorous courses or if you only decide to take one in specific, Highland High School highly encourages students to take the AP test inAP-Books1 order to test their academic achievement. However due to financial aspects, it is understandable that a student may not take every subject test on their schedule. Student, Kathleen Betancourt said “ I take two AP classes and I am not sure if I want to spend $184 on tests I am not positive I will pass or not”. In this case it would be fine if students just focus on one particular subject in order to make sure they make enough time to fully focus.

It won’t be long till the month of May arrives and thousands of students around the globe will be tested on their knowledge and mastery. Don’t procrastinate and get the forms in on time for the deadline!