HHS News: Registration

By: Pablo Guerra

As a school year ends another one begins. As the second semester starts off, it is only assumable that students will want to know what will occur in the next school year. I caught up with guidance counselor Ms.Moya to ask her a couple of questions regarding the 2016-2017 school year.

Interview with Ms. Moya- Registration 2016, changes for next school year

  • How many new students are expected for next year?

The numbers aren’t exact yet, but we are expecting about 700-800 new students next year.

  • When does registration Begin?

Registration begins before spring break, where incoming students attend a presentation on how to choose classes.Then they will talk to their counselors about the classes they are about to take. Students can also register for classes on Powerschool, as the school wants to get rid of using paper for registration

  • Any important changes for the next school year?

California passed a law that you can’t have any classes that are non-curricular, so that means that no one is allowed to be a T.A. (teacher’s assistant) next year.  

  • How will the school deal with that?

Since the school can not have anymore T.A’s, we will be probably be adding new electives for next year as well as expanding the popular ones, such as Law and Government, ROTC, AVID, and some performing arts electives.

  • Are there any new electives planned for next year?

There will be a new computer science class available for next year and there might be a new fine arts elective as well, so for students who are interested in those things, those classes will definitely be something they would want to look in to.