Bulldogs Swim

By:Kylie Morris

Hey Highland bulldogs! With the new swim season rapidly approaching, coaches as well as returning athletes are eager to see what lies ahead of this season.

Though the swim team usually accepts everyone who wants to join, last season the coaches were forced to try out members due to an overflowing number of athletes. However now that former seniors have graduated there are more spots available on the team in which new swimmers are always welcome to join as long as they have their athletic pcompetitive-swimming-pool-23819499ackets filed.

With just two months away for the first meet, the bulldogs are getting prepared to jump into the pool for the first time this season. They are still in a pre-season routine, getting in shape for the spring,  when they will then start competing against local AV schools. The team currently practices at Marie Kerr Park. 

Though new athletes are currently signing up, Coach Nick showed no mercy on the team. He stated “this week is conditioning week. I don’t care if you’re not in shape” The coaches made it very clear that this season will be way more disciplined. They will hold practices from Monday thru Friday for 2 to 3 hours everyday. Coach Nick said “No one is to miss a day without a valid excuse, doctors’ appointments and homework are not acceptable.”

Not only does Nick expect his swimmers to perform to the best of their ability, he also expects them to maintain their grades up.  A 2.5 GPA is required and no more than one D is acceptable in order to join the swim team. Not only will athletes have school and homework, they are also expected to do exercises given by their coaches which includes extra workouts to do at home.

Coach Nick expects this to be a great season as long as the team puts in the effort. He believes if the effort is tremendous, they will give Quartz Hill, currently the best swim team in the AV, a run for their money. GO. FIGHT.WIN!