HHS News: The AVC Placement Test

By:Amairany Armenta

Hey HHS seniors, are you interested in applying to Antelope Valley College? Well for those of you who are make sure you are well informed about deadlines and other information you may need in order for your application to be filed smoothly

First of all, make sure to apply for fall admission 2016 as soon as you can (bear in mind that space is limited). After you are finished with the application, do not forget to go through the online orientation once you have created your AVC portal. Finally you should have in mind that AVC requires all first time students to take an assessment in order to show their academic abilities and achievement

 The AVC Assessment is a placement test in which seniors as well as prospective students are tested in both math and english. Th800_profilee scores which they receive will then be used to decide what classes the soon to be college freshman will take. If the college feels students are not ready to tackle the normal unit classes they will be put in introductory classes in order to help them get there.However seniors who are currently enrolled in SMAP, do not need to take the math portion of the assessment.

HHS counselor, Mrs.Ortega, will be in charge of the AVC field trip and test registration sign ups. She strongly “urges seniors to sign up and study for the test, because as of now only 57 spots are filled so there is still room for more seniors to take the test and go on the  AVC field trip”.

The test was to be taken on January 25 & 26 but according to Mrs.Ortega   “it was rescheduled due to the low amount of people who signed up”. The new test will be taking place on February 1 and 2. Mrs. Ortega will send passes out to those who are signed up to take the test.

Though the test is not necessarily challenging, it is suggested to come prepared and well informed about the topics it contain. To practice seniors can take a practice test at AVC.edu on both the math and english portion. Mrs.Ortega’s strongly advises for seniors to take the assessment in order to “do the best you possibly can and be guaranteed admission for the fall semester”

Don’t procrastinate and get you form and application in on time!