HHS Sports: Football & What to Expect for Next Season

By:Quinan Khawaja

Hey Highland students! It has been months since the HHS football team surprisingly took home the win at this school year’s homecoming game. Before that match, it had been made clear that the football team did not have their heads in the game coming in with loss after loss for HHS. Apart from the epic homecoming game victory, it had been made clear that this was not the year for the bulldogs. 

Though Coach Stowe has been with the Highland football program for two years, he has not been very successful in getting the bulldogs through the CIF championships. Although they are making progress for a bnfl-football-player-clip-art-672146-1etter program overall, students can only hope to see an improvement from this year’s disappointing season.

However last season did mark the beginning of a new era for the football program here at Highland. Discipline, a thing that seemed to be lacking for over 10 years, was enforced by the new head coach. This only made players become focused in the game as well as in academics.

This upcoming season, Stowe and the team have lost 20 seniors and no longer have a “secret weapon”  who can take them to the playoffs once again. Stowe plans to keep building up the program that should be implemented here as ground zero. Stowe states “ This team has always had players who are so big of their egos and believe it…. last season we had the smallest offensive linemen in the valley, but starting in December they’ve been working their butts off everyday and they will be aggressive and unstoppable.”

This season Coach Stowe expects his linemen to be able to bench 315 pounds and put one hundred and ten percent effort into the team. Even though last season was the beginning to start a better program does not mean there isn’t any loose screws to tighten.However knowing Stowe’s effort and work ethic, there is no doubt that he will get them there. We can only hope for the best.