HHS Sports: Wrestling

By: Ezebeth Gonzalez

“Mark my words 2016 will be the year of the Highland bulldogs!”, said HHS wrestler Keziah Quijano after her team won the golden league finals against arch rivals Quartz Hill High School.  This year’s wrestling season,which began only four months ago, has been packed with win after win. Both the boy’s and the girl’s team have seemed focused and determine to the sport, but even more impressive are these athletes incredible dedication and  work ethic.

As Coach Young can say “Wrestling is not an easy sport.It is all about technique”. Team player Keziah Quijano states ,“I like to learn the techniques and how they work in order to become a better wrestler”.Though most of the girls on the team were new to the sport and were not used to the significant amount of conditioning, they managed to battle through the meets and gain a fairly good amount of victories.Team members state “We motivate each other as we come along”.

With the golden league title already declared, now it is time to conquer the CIF championships which will be held very soon. This marks the first year that most of the girls team will be attending. Wrestler Daisy states “never let your coach or your whole team down, if someone makes a mistake everyone must pay the consequence”.

There is no doubt that the girls are leaving a mark this year, with four out of ten attending CIF, hoping to bring back the win. We wish them and the team the best of luck! GO BULLDOGS!