HHS Sports: Bulldogs vs Lions

By: Alana Brown

On Tuesday January 19th, the boys’ varsity basketball team had an anticipating game against the Eastside Lions.Taking place in our very own HHS campus at 6:00pm, the pressure was on the bulldogs to win their first league meet of the season. With a good turnout and energetic crowd; students ,friends, and family served as a great confidence booster.

With the crowd pumped and players warmed up, it was time to press the buzzer and begin the game. With this being a huge league meet the players were sure enough bringing their A game, scoring shot after shot against the Lions. Half way through the game you could immediately tell the bulldogs had a better team effort than Eastside. Thanks to their hard work in practice and overall dedication they were able to get the job done and give Highland the win!


Though the bulldogs came out victorious, Coach Smith felt quite nervous but also very confident going into the game,stating, “I was nervous. It was a big game and it was for first place in the Golden League after round 1. I knew we were prepared, but I am always nervous before all league games.” Smith didn’t have a particularly favorite part, “No favorite part. Just loved the intensity the players had from start to finish.” The scores of all quarters are 1st 21-8; halftime 33-15; 3rd 53-30. Finishing off with an amazing score of 67-36.