Lockheed Internships

By: Cesareo Godinez

Lockheed Martin encourages all students interested in a future of technology, mathematics, and creativity to join their internship program in order to gain real-world experience in their field of interest.This program can offer students a great opportunity to make a real impact on the world and get a jumpstart on their career.

Every semester students are offered internships at Lockheed Martin and compete with other schools in order to get them. Nearly thirty students from eight different public schools competed for eleven interview slots. Each student is subjected to three different interviews in order to sift through the students to fill in the available slots. These interviews begin at the end of February after each student goes through various security and background checks. The person in charge of getting our students to fill in those slots is HHS teacher Jim Root, who is also the work experience coordinator.

On February 3, 2016 four students from Highland High School reported to Lockheed Martin in Palmdale to compete for eleven interview slots. Three of the four students from Highland High School managed to get their interviews and internships. Those three students are Hovan Kirpichyan, Audry Armijo, and Nellie Martinez. Each of these students had an area of selection for each internship. Hovan Kirpichyan had Environmental Studies, Audry Armijo had Programming, and Nellie Martinez got Security. Congratulations to these HHS students on their great achievement!