Star Wars Pep Rally

By: Andrea Manzur

On Thursday January 28, the first pep rally of the second semester was held in the gym during A & B lunch hours. ASB organized a Star Wars inspired spirit week and pep rally filled with fun and interesting entertainment, such as light vs dark day and lightsaber fights included in the rally.

As usual, our Highland’s color guard team and dance teams had excellent performances, which incorporated the theme with their outfits and dance moves. One of Highland’s Unity dance team performers, Tannisse Johnson said the dance team “wore black and white to tie in the star wars theme”. Johnson enjoyed performing in the pep rally and felt that “the audience seemed to enjoy it as well”.

With Spirit week ,which was also inspired by the same theme, leading up to the much anticipated rally, students were sure enough anxious to see what ASB had to offer. As usual, MC’s Desi and Dani Ascencio, pumped up the crowd and got them excited for the performers. Students cheered in the stands and lit the gymnasium with their cellphone lights in aw of the performers and hype. With Star Wars being such a popular movie,  Senior, Sandra Sanchez, felt that the pep rally was “a great start to the new year”. Sanchez states that she especially liked “how the theme was universal so everybody could participate”.

It is sure enough to say that Highland High School felt the force awaken for the first prep rally of the year! As one Highland student, Ricky Pereira, said “the force is with Highland!”.