Winterball Cancellation

By: Jules Miller

As many students have already heard ASB was sad to announce this week that the Masquerade ball has been cancelled due to a lack of ticket sales. This news was unfortunate to hear especially to those students who put in so much time and effort into planning the event for the student body. The ball would have been on Saturday February 6th from 7-10PM with an admission fee of $25 and $20 with and ASB card. 

Though Winterball failed to succeed for an apparent lack of advertisement, students should not forget about all the successful dances Highland has hosted in the past. With our amazing ASB staff, HHS is always able to provide great service and makes sure everyone has a wonderful time. The ball would’ve had a DJ, photo booth, artist booth, and food provided by olive garden. It is a shame that students could not enjoy this event due however ASB still plans on making Winterball an annual event in the years to come. Upon the cancellation ASB was more than anxious to know why students were not purchasing tickets or excited about the event especially since homecoming was so successful and hyped. 

Highland’s students are always hyped up especially when there’s an occasion like this, however many felt the event was too rushed and not well advertised. Others felt that the prices, theme, and idea of  a masquerade was not good enough to purchase a ticket and would have rather saved up for prom. Nonetheless ASB would still like to here opinions and suggestions for future events and are sorry for the inconvenience to those who purchased tickets.