Are Unisex Bathrooms a Problem?

By: Tannisse Johnson

A new law has come to our attention and it suggests that certain public places and schools allow unisex bathrooms. As is expected, this has led to various anti-unisex bathroom opinions and statements from people. They believe it can become a big safety issue for women and young girls and that it may violate the respect for their privacy. Though this new law is not appreciated by many, others want to follow through with it because they believe in “equality” for all genders, including transgender,and that people should share the same bathroom and not be separated by sex. Although equality is a big issue we have today, people’s concern stems from the fact that this plays a huge role in the comfortability and safety of others.

The belief is that a bathroom is supposed to be a place to handle private business and that no woman will feel comfortable using a bathroom if they have to share it with strange men that they have no idea what they’re capable of. Not to say that all males have the wrong intentions, but the belief is that this law is an invitation for those who do. As for the people with sex changes, some people believe it doesn’t make sense for a transgender man that is now a woman to use the men’s bathroom if they no longer have the qualities that identify them as a man. These people do not mean to disrespect others or make them feel uncomfortable or awkward but that is simply their opinion.

Many students, such as Arrieanna Foster, at Highland High School feel that the law is wrong and pointless and that, “nothing will even be accomplished with this, and no female is going to ever use the public restroom anymore.” Student Brianna Estell believes that, “sharing bathrooms steps over women and disrespects their boundaries.”

After asking students about the transgender law, not many understood the purpose. “If their gender is changed then there’s no way anyone could tell what their real sex is, so might as well leave the bathrooms the same,” says a student. Almost everybody who attends Highland High School doesn’t feel that the law is necessary and believe that it is completely absurd and I strongly agree and highly doubt this law will come to pass.