Who will you vote for?

By: Pablo Guerra

Most of this year’s graduating seniors will be able to vote in the upcoming 2016 presidential election. This year’s election seems to be quite interesting. On the Republican side, no one expected for Donald Trump to be running very long, or to be the only Republican candidate running, since the other Republican candidates all dropped out. On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders has also been a surprise. He has  been an independent throughout most of his political career, and is extremely popular   with young voters and college students. It is the first time in many elections that candidates who have unconventional viewpoints like Trump or Sanders have gained huge followings.  

The California primary is right around the corner, and millions of californians are ready to vote. Over 560,000 californians updated their registration or registered to vote in the first three months of 2016- a lot more people than for all of 2014. As of May,  that number increased to 850,000 and rising.  In a very blue state, it seems that Hillary Clinton seems to be the candidate to most likely win. According to a SurveyUsa poll, at 57%, she has a solid lead. But among young voters and millennials, Bernie Sanders is at the lead at 60%, while Clinton is at 34%. Sanders’ views on healthcare and making public universities free are popular among young voters.Despite Clinton being in the lead, The millennial vote is significant. California has the country’s largest population of millennials as a proportion to voters. millennials are considered to be the largest generation in American history, with predictions estimating that millennials will make up a third of America’s adult population by 2020.

But, unfavorable views are an all time high. According to a surveyusa poll, 60% of respondents had a negative perception of Donald Trump and 40% of respondents had a negative perception of Clinton.  Trump is unpopular among young voters because they perceive his views as harsh, such as his stance of banning muslims from entering the country, building a wall along the US-Mexico border, and his his derogatory comments towards some women. Clinton’s struggle to get the young vote is due to the perception of her representing the system they so desperately want to change.

Who is popular within students? At Highland, the majority of students who were asked said they support Bernie. “I like the idea of free college” a student of Highland said. “it’s too expensive”. But  why do people support Hillary? Mrs. Hamill, english teacher and long-time feminist, says “she has 20 years of experience and has built lots of international relationships”. However a Trump supporter explained her reasons for why she’s for Trump. “He’s different; he will get done what the other candidates won’t do”.

This year’s presidential election is more interesting than ever. Who do you support?