Senior Awards Night 2016

By: Quinan Khawaja

Senior year goes by faster than many students think. It is the students job to make the most out of their high school years and it can be assumed that the students who were presented an award at Senior Awards Night did just that. Senior awards night is a tradition hosted by the Highland High School staff in order to award those students who showed excellence in academics or individual subjects with some of these awards being monetary. Students were also encouraged to fill out scholarship applications provided by Mrs. Ortega in order to have a chance to win money in order to lighten the finance of a college education.

Many students were awarded scholarships, plaques, sashes, and medals in order to recognize their achievements. The night began with awarding monetary scholarship in which many AP and IB students had the honor of receiving. Upon the many David Villalobos, Holly Van Der Hyde, and Jordan Martin had the pleasure of receiving one of these. They said ” we are very happy to have received these scholarships and thank Mrs. Ortega as well as the organization for giving us these opportunities”.

After this valedictorians as well as lifetime CSF members were awarded their medals and plaques (they will be handed their gold robes before graduation) . Sport awards will be recognized in the basketball gym such as athlete of the year. Dante Jamison, an excel football player and swimmer takes the award of the 2016 Athlete of the year. Athlete of the Year award is one of the biggest awards at highland and is well known to everyone who achieves it. Class of 2016 had many outstanding seniors who strive to achieve greatness. It is also the night of the last gathering of seniors to be appreciated for any awards of the year.