Senior Rally 2016


On May 15th the Senior Rally will be held in the large gym at 10:30 a.m. This is one of the last senior activities before graduation, so many ASB members are making sure it is one of the best. There is a lot of exciting things that are expected to occur, including dancing, singing, and much more. Seniors should enjoy these last few days that they have left and go out with a bang.

According to English teacher and ASB coordinator, Ms. Bell, “there will be performances from Unity, The Highland Dance Team, and The cheer team and there will also be a slideshow at the rally.” In advance to the rally seniors were asked to submit photos of themselves throughout their senior year whether it was at a football game. dance, or other Highland related activity. According to Brianna Aquino ” the slideshow will surely bring tears to some students eyes. It sad to know that high school is already over and that we might never see these people again”.

Just like any other rally, there will be interactive audience games and many more surprises. There also going to be food available at the rally for students. Although other rallies were optional this one is not, all seniors are required to attend the senior rally if they plan on walking the stage at graduation on June 1st.