The Sun Rises Brightly Over the Class of 2017

Gregory Conley

Friday, August 19th, 2016 at 5:30 am,  “Senior Sunrise” drew a crowd of approximately 250 sleepy senior Bulldogs to the morning festivity. Hosted by Senior Senate, this yearly tradition at Highland takes place in the football stadium. The early rising sun symbolizes the beginning of the seniors’ final chapter of high school.

Senior Sunrise was proudly organized by Senior Senate. Raven Gutierrez, president of Senior Senate, mentioned that senior sunset “[I]s a bonding experience because here we start as one… and at Senior Sunset, we will go our own ways.”  

Senate member, Daniel Hernandez, added “It is fun to be in the Senate because I get to meet new people and it is legit. he continued stating that  “There have been many senior sunrises in Highland’s history, but I can say that this is the best one because we are finally [the] seniors!”  

Senior Senate provided lively music and Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Along with such treats, each senior was given a piece of paper to write goals they want to reach in the upcoming school year. These “self notes” will be opened at “Senior Sunset” later just before graduation.  

Senior Bradley Chew stated he wants to achieve to be “The top 1 percent of [his] graduating class. With that, I also want to live a little this year.”

Seniors had a memorable time as they gathered with dozens of friends to commemorate the beginning of the end. Many groups of friends expressed huge enthusiasm of the event. Some seniors even arrived a whole half hour before the event took place, arriving at 5:00 am!

Isaac Cabuto, among these early birds, said “ It was nice… very nice to wake up early. It was the highlight of the day. I will definitely face plant on my bed when I arrive home later on.”