Ice Breaker Dance Celebrates Return to School


Leslie Rodriguez

You may have been one of the 100 or so Bulldogs who attended the icebreaker dance run by ASB, the Associated Student Body, on Friday, August 26, to start off the new school year and welcome back all the returning students and the new freshies!

A DJ played hit songs in the commons for an hour or so, inspiring students into some amazing dance moves. Despite the August heat, kids burned calories and socialized to celebrate the returned pleasure of hanging out with their friends after the hard day of academic studies.

ASB Advisor Ms.Bell said the early dance was scheduled to launch excitement for the upcoming year.

ASB’s purpose is to build a sense of community at Highland and to encourage student participation in activities and events outside of class time. ASB raises funds to put on events through the year, charging entrance fees or selling VIB cards. VIB, or Very Important Bulldog, cards are special ID cards that grant free access to school sports events and discounts on dances and the yearbook.

“We want to increase student participation. We want to advertise the benefit of ASB cards,” Bell said. ASB cards, or VIB cards are beneficial to a student especially if he or she plans to go to many dances and football games. They can give you a discount or free entrance to important events. VIB cards can be purchased at the student store for just $20!

Ms.Bell says, “I [hoped] quite a few people [could] show up especially since it got moved because of the DJ.” The dance was designed to also create excitement for that night’s preseason football game.  “I [hoped] people [would] show up and then just go straight to the game since they [would] already be here.”

ASB is already putting on events, especially during lunch and many of the classes have been showing their bulldog spirit by getting involved!

People are familiar with the senior class (’17) being active on campus, but what about the rest of the students?

Ms.Bell reported that, “So far the class of 2020 has shown a lot of spirit, more than class of ‘19 and so I’m really excited about their potential.”

“It’s a new event this year so it’s new for everyone so if freshman feel uncomfortable going, it’s not like nobody else has ever gone to this either, so everybody is in the same boat,” she explained in reference to kids attending events like the Ice Breaker.