Invent, Create, Design, and Innovate

Joseph Cantila

Has the idea of starting a business or inventing something useful ever crossed your mind? If it has, then you should join the Innovation Club. New to Highland this year, this club will give you the opportunity to try new skills and eventually start your own business.

The motivation for the Innovation club is to find a way to actively use the innovation of space and to introduce lessons using design thinking. Here, you will be designing projects for entrepreneurship, conceptualizing your own business and doing things like robotics and drones. You will also to learn how to use  3D printers, laser cutters and soldering iron.

This week, the members will be working on an activity from the  D. School Stanford Design Thinking Wallet Project.

Club meetings will be held every Thursday after school in the innovation space room which is located in second quad. Eventually, the lab will be open five days a week.

If you like to invent, create, or design, this is definitely the club for you.

See club advisor Mrs. Carolyn Cardellio for more details.