Burger Eaters Won’t Have a Beef With The Habit

Gregory Conley

In early 2015, the city of Palmdale opened a series of restaurants on Rancho Vista Blvd and 10th Street West. One of these establishments is The Habit. Are you craving to have a burger that has quality and a reasonable price? The Habit is the place to go.  

Established in Santa Barbara 1969, The Habit is famous for their “Charburgers” and wants them to become a “Habit” to you! This is a valid statement as the burgers are both delicious and satisfying. The Habit is not only known for their burgers, they also have salads, ice cream, and specialty sandwiches!

I went to the Habit on the 4th of October on a personal mission to fully immerse myself in “The Habit”.

Let’s start with the service. The servers in the Palmdale establishment have high spirits and are welcoming. When I entered the facility, I was met with smiles and a cashier’s gentle personality. This is nearly the opposite of other facilities such as McDonald’s, as they do not have much of a welcoming environment. Not only is the service awesome, the tropical Bombay theme is on par and makes one feel as if one is near a sandy beach, instead of landlocked in the AV desert.

The food is to die for, I ordered a double Charburger with fries and drink.

When I received my food, in a quick and timely manner, it looked as if it was in a commercial. This is what an average consumer wants their food to look like. After I received my food, I walked to a bar where I could add additional toppings such as peppers, ketchup, mustard, etc.

The burger itself was fantastic. The bun was soft and warm, the meat patties were fully-cooked and hot. All the appropriate condiments on the burger such as tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, cheese, were  cold, fresh and not soggy–simply perfection!

The fries are the best fries ever! They are salty; Crispy on the outside and chewy in the inside, just as everyone likes fries! My preferred dipping sauce is The Habit’s delicious ranch dressing.

My drink was The Habit’s infamous “Strawberry Limeade”. This drink was one of the best parts of the meal. Why? The drink kept my mouth quivering, cleansing my palate between bites, which made me enjoy my food all the more. I, of course, had more than one cup in the restaurant and took a to-go drink since The Habit’s drinks are all-you-can-drink.

When I completed my teenager’s dream meal, the same individual who took my order happily took my trash away. This was a generous treat for fast food service, and made me feel as if I had a complete experience at a more expensive restaurant.

I had a well-rounded experience at The Habit and I personally encourage all to check it out and make it their new “Habit”.