HHS Drills for Earthquake in CA’s Great Shakeout

Ilieth Vanegas

Thursday, October 20th, Highland High School participated in California’s Great Shake Out. The event took place midway during third period at 10:20 a.m. and was completed before the start of fourth period. Highland, which is located on top of the southern end of the San Andreas fault, which could shake at any moment, generally completes the state-sponsored drill.

“Being that we live in California, we’re prone to earthquakes,” says Mr. Thompson, Highland’s security director, who organized the event.

The alarm was sounded over the school PA. After about five minutes of seeking shelter under desks in the classrooms, students and teachers evacuated onto the upper field.

The drill requires students and teachers to drop, cover and hold on to whatever they’re underneath, as if an actual earthquake were occurring; then, once the “shaking” stops, students and teachers must evacuate.

The Great Shakeout started in California in the year of 2008, and now all schools in the state of California must participate, according to Thompson.