Flock Your Favorite Teacher or Staff Member & Raise $$ For Charity and Prom 2017

Mariana Luna

Have you heard the term “the flock is coming” on the Highland campus in the last couple of weeks. Many of you probably aren’t even sure what it means. Then you started seeing pink flamingos plastered on doors. What the heck? Flamingos don’t migrate from Florida to California every fall…

Well, these are special flamingos. The “Flock” has been a fundraiser scheduled for the month of October by the sophomore class senate to raise money for charity and the 2017 Prom.

“We had great responses to this event,” claims Shannon Twitchell, Sophomore Class Adviser. By the end of the first week of the fundraiser, more than $100 had been raised!

Students are still able to “flock” staff members as a form of affection for their favorite teachers and staff, which everyone thought was a positive and fun way to recognize those adults on campus who work so hard to make Highland great.

Each week money continues to be raised. This specific fundraiser is being donated to Breast Cancer Awareness and the rest of the money will be used for the Highland High School 2017 Prom. This event is important because both staff and students can participate. It’s not too late to “flock” a favorite teacher.  It’s just $3.00. Pick up the form in the activities office.

The senate is currently already brainstorming ideas for next year’s flock.