Yearbook Calls for Senior Baby Photos


“Aaah, ain’t you cute as a kid?” November is Baby Picture Submission Month for Highland’s 2017 Paragon Yearbook.

Seniors who want to contribute a picture for inclusion in the 2017 yearbook need to bring their physical picture to Ms. Hamill in room 203 to be scanned on a high resolution scanner before November 30th—the deadline.

The best pictures are unique, show a little of the subject’s personality, and start to show the nature of what the student will look like as an adult. Early baby pictures are often indistinguishable from one student to another so are less interesting than ones from ages 2-5. Ideal age is probably around three-years-old.

Generally, yearbook staff is not accepting digital pictures because the yearbook software doesn’t allow low-resolution image (less than +2MB, 300 dpi) files.

Ms. Hamill is available to scan images during B Break, B Lunch (M-Thur), during 5th period every day and on Wednesday’s immediately after school. Students should not give precious photos to another student to scan. Yearbook staff is not responsible for lost photos. Ms. Hamill will scan the photo in the student’s presence and immediately return it.