Holiday Gift Season: For Girls Who Love to Read


What’s better than getting a special book as a holiday gift? Getting a whole year of books and gifts, monthly! If you have a favorite book-loving relative who wants to support you to read, how about asking for a gift subscription to one of two YA Book Subscription services, Uppercase or OwlCrate.


Every month (depending on the number of months the subscription runs), the recipient gets a box with a new YA release in hardcover (often signed by the author) and an accompanying book lovers’ bounty of book-related gifts, like word-covered socks or scarves, clever pencil cases, bookmarks, author stickers, book-lovers bags, book-decorated notepads and journals, etc.

The books’ stories tend towards female protagonists and relationship story lines, especially on OwlCrate, but guys who like these types of stories will probably love the gifts as well.

Pricing starts at around $20.00 a month (including shipping) for the basic plan on Uppercase and goes up to around $35.00 a month (including shipping) for Owlcrate’s best package. OwlCrate tends to include more goodies along with the book, which kicks the price up, while UpperCase books are more often personally signed by the author. Either service would be a dream gift for the teenage reading fanatic.

If your favorite book-loving relative is loaded, maybe ask for both services!