Get to know the Varsity Cornerback #7

Chiara Juni

The Paw Print recently sat down with Bulldog Varsity Football’s #7 Jaylen Marion in order to get to know the person behind the uniform and helmet.

PP: What position are you and why do you play football?

JM: I play cornerback. I love playing and it gives me a chance to attend college for free.

PP: When did you begin playing this sport?

JM: I started when I was eight but then after a year I stopped to try baseball but realized that I liked football better so I began again in ninth grade.

PP: What player do you look up to?

JM: Richard Sherman because he is the best cornerback in the NFL and that gives me something to work towards.

PP: Who are your biggest supporters?

JM: My parents are my biggest supporters because they give me tough love while still staying positive in order to guide me to the right path.

PP: Do you plan on playing in college? What is your dream college?

JM: Yes, I want to play in college at Clemson because that’s my favorite football team. I also like the program and the spirit.

PP: How do you feel you have performed in this season?

JM: I feel like everything I’ve done is finally paying off and this season is just one baby step to everything else.

PP: Have you played any other sports?

JM: I played baseball for seven years, basketball throughout my whole life, and football for five years.

Outside playing football, Marion’s favorite academic subject is English because he is “good at writing.” He also enjoys playing other sports like baseball and basketball, as well as listening to music. His favorite artists are Dr. Dre and J. Cole.

After he goes to college–Clemson University is his first choice–he hopes to be drafted into the NFL, but if that doesn’t happen, he plans to major in broadcasting and communications and eventually work in sports journalism. He lives with his parents, older brother, and two younger sisters who all help support his goals.  Beyond school and sports, Marion would like to travel, especially to England because he enjoys their culture and customs.