82 Bulldogs Take the November ASVAB Test

Joleana Basulto

Wednesday, November 2nd, Highland High School students took the ASVAB test. The ASVAB test is a military career assessment test which allows students to know where they place against other test takers, and what they know versus what they don’t know. Sixty-one 12th graders and twenty-one 11th graders took the test this year, for a the total of 82 ASVAB test takers at HHS.

During the second week of December, students will get their results back. Once they get their test back it will ask a few more questions. The questions will ask about the environment and where students would like to work. The two tests will be joined together to find out areas suitable for work in the various fields of the Air Force. If some students receive a low score, there will be another chance to retake the ASVAB in the spring.

Senior Zihomara Abrego explained, “ I took the test to see where I am placed and to see what branch I can get into. I think I did excellent on the first four parts of the test but I should have studied for the electric and tool parts.”

“I took the test because I am thinking of joining the Navy. I think I did wonderful because I am very good at a lot of things that I was tested on,” said Kayla Smith.