Samantha Sprenglemeyer, Devoted to Theater

Gregory Conley

The next Jennifer Aniston is emerging from Highland Players. This particular individual is Samantha Sprengelmeyer, a senior at Highland High School.  Samantha, in the near future sees herself as “the next” Jennifer Aniston.

Sprengelmeyer states, “[S]he is a great actress… I want to be like her because she started with sitcoms and branched out into movies.”

Sam has enjoyed being an actor since she was 10 years old when her mother introduced her to musical theatre at age five. Sprengelmeyer has loved it ever since.

Samantha has been involved in eight plays. Her first two performances were both in Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol.  She was a caroler both times, respectively. Samantha was also in a children’s version of Wicked, also playing a chorus member.

Now, at age 17, Sam has partaken in four major productions with Highland Players. Two were Shakespearean plays; this includes Twelfth Night in her freshmen year, and Othello in her junior year. Sam was also in another play her junior year. It was Agatha Christie’s  Witness for the Prosecution. The play is a murder mystery and was “highly-popular” Samantha added. Her favorite character she has ever played was in “Witness for the Prosecution”. The character she played was Ms. Myers. Sam included “I loved it so much because it was such a challenging role… I had to be the exact opposite of who I normally am; Stern and impatient. I had to make quirks as part of my character, it would drive the rest of the cast [and crew] crazy… It was a lot of fun.”  Now in the first semester of her senior year, Samantha is in Highland Player’s fall production “The Night is my Enemy” and plays an inspector. She “Thoroughly enjoys it [and] can’t wait for more acting opportunities later this year.”

Sprengelmeyer also enjoys other activities besides acting. She likes the class Government and Politics (Advanced Placement) she stated “It is intriguing to see how we interpret the law; Whether it is a positive or negative action.… It’s a lot of fun.” During her rare moments of  free time,  Sam loves to sing, play her guitar, fish, and run. She emphasized her passion of hiking at Mammoth Mountain with her family.      

Samantha is blessed that her family supports her decision to pursue acting as a career. Sprengelmeyer mentioned “I am thankful I have support to pursue [an] acting career because if I didn’t,  I don’t think I would pursue it… It is purely on the support you receive from you family, and that truly matters.” Her dream school is to attend Northern Colorado University and major in acting and minor in business. Samantha proudly stated “I believe [acting] is a profession that takes a certain person to do- like ambition and drive. I have had that since I was little, and it will never go away.”