Holiday Gift Season: Special Treats for Mothers

Gregory Conley

Have you ever had a difficult time figuring out a present for your mother? We have a unique idea for you! Moms often have days where it is necessary to dress up- whether it is for parties, work, meetings etc. With that, beauty products are a common priority; these can be found at  Julep.

Prices at Julep vary depending on the desired product one orders. The following prices are $40.00 for two boxes, $80.00 for four boxes and $120.00 for six boxes.  (Prices listed in this article are rounded to the nearest dollar)

The self-proclaimed “Nail Polish of the Month Club” offer the latest products on the market. This is possible by Julep’s  semi-annual subscriptions; the system is a one-time-payment while the product lasts for six months. Subscriptions are customization per payment- allowing the receiver to change products in their “box” shipments.

Treat your mother to a special gift from Julep this holiday season for which she will enjoy for multiple months to come!