Buy a Yearbook Now

Bianca Rios

Party like it’s 1999 with a 2017 yearbook! Get your yearbook now and only pay $80 or $75 with ASB card. Purchase yours at the student store or online at Purchase your yearbook before prices increase February 1st to $85 or $80 with an ASB card. If you are asking yourself “why should I buy a yearbook?”, then think no more. This year’s yearbook is a “memory of this last school year and these memories will last forever.” The yearbook will also include tributes to Tori King who would have graduated with the class of 2017 and to our fellow teacher John Woolwine. Our yearbook cover is designed by Andrew Makigew and in the cover he incorporates the years 1900-1999 in celebration of the 2017 class being the last class to be born in that era. It is highly recommended to purchase your yearbook now, even though the last chance is in early May. In the past years the yearbooks have been sold out, so buy yours now.