AVC Field Trip Priority Registration

Bianca Rios

Are you planning on attending AVC in the fall? Well, I suggest signing up for the field trip Ms. Ortega has put together, the field trip will take place on April 6th, but there is very limited space. If you wish to attend, you must see Ms. Ortega in order to get your check list to sign up for the assessment test, which you will need in order to attend.

Some of the requirements on the checklist are to have already applied to AVC and to have an AVC account which you receive once you have applied. Next, you are required to sign up for the assessment test that you MUST study for, the last day to sign up with Ms. Ortega February 21st and last day of testing will be held on February 24th. Ms. Hale will be testing students as well in the college center from 3pm-7pm, for those who Ms. Ortega was unable to test. The test may take up to two hours so be prepared.

For anyone who was unable to take the test here at school you will have to go to AVC and take it there before February 28th. Ms. Ortega has a deadline and she must submit everything by March 1st, so get on it seniors! It is highly recommended to have a plan B and AVC can be your safety school/ plan B. Apply to AVC at www.avc.edu. Make sure you sign up before it’s too late