Do You Need Senior Supplemental?

Aileen Rivera

Senior supplemental is for those who are behind on credits and are not on target for graduating or for those who simply want to enhance a grade for college purposes. If you know you’re behind in credits, go speak to your counselor as soon as possible because the deadline for making up credits is March 17, which is right before Spring Break.

The maximum number of credits students are allowed to make up is 30 credits for second semester seniors. Students who are behind on credits are being notified by their counselors via email and letters sent home, but don’t wait to be notified it’s best to go and talk to your counselor so time isn’t wasted. Once you speak to your counselor a Provisional Enrollment Contract for Non-Graduating Students will be given to you, which will inform you on your requirements to graduate. All students must complete 230 credits in required courses and electives in order to receive your high school diploma.

Students will be allowed to stay on campus attending all their regular classes, while making progress on completing credits. Credits may be made up through the online program Apex or through packets. Students are then required to take tests in order to receive the full completed credit. Students who fail to show adequate progress will be dropped from the program and will not be allowed to make up credits through an alternative program.  If you fail to complete the following you will not be allowed to participate in any graduation activities as well.