First Swim Meet

Bianca Rios

Our Highland High School swim team had their first pre-season meet March 1st against Golden Valley and it was a rough one. This was the first meet for a lot of new swimmers and the first meet in almost a year for all the returners. It was real hard on a lot of the swimmers because almost everyone was getting disqualified. Whether it was for their kick or simply touching the wall. We all know we tried our best and there are many more meets where that came from. Our next meet will be March 9th at the Eastside pool against Eastside and if you have no plans come cheer on your fellow swimmers/friends. Also, we always need timers so if you want a front row view that is your chance. Swimming is actually really fun to watch and when someone is cheering for that person the swimmer usually get more adrenaline and will swim faster. I recommend coming out and supporting the team at least at one meet.