SAT Boot Camp

Madison Westerling

The end of the year is nearing and it’s time to prepare for all of the big tests. A week ago Highland offered a SAT Bootcamp for the students here at highland for just $20. In the class, you are given an SAT prep book that includes a few practice tests, which are done and then gone over. Along with getting some test taking tips, students were able to practice in an atmosphere that resembled the real deal. The class was taught by someone the school brought in and lasted two days for 3 hours each day. The class was held February 28th and March 1st from 3pm-6pm. It has not yet been confirmed that there will be more of these classes offered but keep your ears open for it. Nick Landa, HHS Junior says, “Taking the class was really beneficial to me and helped me feel better prepared to take my SAT’s.”