A Talk With Mr.Ford

Joleana Basulto

Hey Bulldogs,

I had the opportunity to sit down with Mr.Ford the other day and talk about the direction in which Highland is moving. It’s very exciting. Have you ever had an idea? Have you ever had a dream so big that you knew if only you could figure out how to make it happen,it might change the world. Have you ever been so passionate about something but just didn’t know how to make it happen? All over the world, all ages of people say the same thing, “if only…”. That’s all about to change for us. Mr. Ford doesn’t want that to be our saying. He wants each of us to believe in our ability to think the impossible and make it happen and what’s best, he and several teachers here at Highland are developing a course to help us do just that. Mr. Ford has developed a program with the help of Stanford, BYU, and Microsoft to allow each of us to take our ideas and passions and make them a reality. Isn’t that why we are in school, to learn to make a difference in the world? I hope so! I want to make a difference. How about you? To help Mr. Ford complete this process he is asking for your help. Mr. Ford wants your story. He wants to know what makes you unique. What sets you apart from everyone else? He would like for each of you to tweet your dream, your passion, your big idea, and then tweet @Principal_HHS. He would like to feature these thoughts at a conference he is presenting to in June in San Antonio, Texas. Many people don’t believe that high school students have what it takes to go from idea to business. Mr. Ford believes in you and wants to show the world. Share your story or your idea with him @Principal_HHS.