Kayla Smith

Highland High School had their first Spring Pep Rally March 10th, 2017. The hosts were Vanessa Sumner and Dejohn Morehead . At the pep rally, Spring Sports were acknowledged such as Track & Field, Boys Tennis, Baseball, Swimming, Boys Golf, Boys Volleyball, and last but not least Softball. They played a game called “Human Table” and “Carrying a man”. “Human Table” was a game that included four students picked out of the audience, they had to get in the position of a table and try to walk towards the other end of the mat. As for the “Carrying a man” three people also chosen from the audience had to carry one person on top while the other two are underneath.  We had special performances from Unity dance team and Highland High School’s very own dance team. The National Anthem was sung by a ninth grader named Bianca Mercado.