Volleyball Game

Gregory Conley

At 6:00pm 29 March 2017, Highland High School’s Boy Volleyball team faced our classic rival- Quartz Hill High School.   Playing a total of 3 periods, Highland High School had the following scores: HHS 18-QHS 25, HHS 16- QHS 25, HHS 10- QHS 25.

Trevor Matheson, boys varsity #19 discussed the the pros and cons regarding the outcome of the game(s).

Matheson mentioned “We didn’t keep in our serves. I feel we played really well. There were mistakes made. But [compared] to years in the past, when we face QHS, did well and played our best and have no regrets.”

Although the losses hurt, Matheson was still a shining star as he had a total of 3 successful spikes in the duration of the game.


Aaron M.

#9 Boys varsity discussed that “It’s the memories that count. We tried hard and did our best. That’s what matters honestly”


A constant audience member, Matt Kim- senior at HHS, said “ I see these games a lot and even though this was a challenging game, I know they will have further success. You can only get stronger.”

Although this was a hard game, the game prior on 15 March 2017, Highland High School won all 3 periods to Palmdale High School.

Come out and support our volleyball stars as their next game is this Friday, March 31st. J.V. is at 5pm and varsity at 6pm. See you there!