Swim Season Starts!

Bianca Rios

The swim season is nearing an end and the swimmers are almost done. As you may already know the swimmers have swam at 5 meets and this past week they swam against Lancaster. The JV girls and Varsity boys took the win but our Varsity girls unfortunately lost. The swimmers work really hard to win each and every meet by practicing every day. This week, they also were a part of Dan Tran which is a memorial meet for a fallen swimmer.  Rochelle Martinez let us know how it was by saying “ we all worked hard for Dan Tran, some more than others but overall it was a great meet for everyone and it was great having Highland being there yet another year to support and swim for a fallen swimmer.” That day they not only swam for themselves but for someone who loved to swim and it was all for him. Our next swim meet will be Thursday against Palmdale at drytown come show your support at the meet and if you like watching a good race we will be competing against Quartz Hills, April 12 at 3:30 at Marie Kerr you will indeed love that meet. Come watch our fellow swimmers take the win!