How the ASL Play Works

Chiara Juni

    The ASL students from levels two and three presented their annual play and it was quite a success this last Friday. The theater was packed with students, parents, and members of the deaf community. Thirty three plays were performed from a wide range of genres, such as The Boy in the Striped Pajamas and The Lion King.

    Students were expected to come up with a skit where each member had to perform at least twelve lines, design a set, and incorporate costumes. Adriana Sotello, a level three ASL student, believes that this play is important because “the deaf community is small so it brings them together.” With a divide often formed between the deaf and hearing, this play definitely helps bring unity.

     Matthew Radke, a level two ASL student, thinks that the play is useful because “It helps [the students] experience teamwork and responsibility.” Many students enjoy the play because it allows them to show off their skills and further their relations with those who do not communicate the same as the hearing. If you missed out this year, be sure to watch the ASL play next year!


 Check out one of the most popular performances in the link below!