Bulldog Victory against Golden Valley Grizzlies!

By Ranan Haynes

On August 25th, 2017, the Highland Bulldogs girls’ volleyball team battled the Golden Valley Grizzlies in an interesting match. The varsity game went to four sets. The first set was won by the Bulldogs with a score of 25-14, as well as the second set with a score of 25-17. The third set included a turnaround from the opposing team as the Grizzlies swiped the set with the scoreboard reading 21-25. However, the Bulldogs brought the match home with a finishing score of 25-21 in the 4th set.

Kylah Phillips,#13,  recounted, “It was a good game. We went in strong, then slowed down a bit, but ultimately pulled through. The third set was our low point, but seemed to us a chance to regain the momentum. We got a few really good kills from our pin hitters and our setter had a lot of good surprise moves.” Phillips has goals for the season to solidify team chemistry for better execution, win Golden League, and go as far as possible.

The junior varsity team also played a great game. The Bulldogs took the first set with a score of 25-19, with the Grizzlies taking the second set with a score of 20-25. The third and final set was one to watch with the very vocal audience and point-to-point competing. It was certainly a battle but the Bulldogs were able to bring the victory home with a score of 19-17.

Julia Magante, #7, explained, “I felt a bit anxious about the game because we kept on giving away free points to the other team. A low point was when we were going back and forth in points with the other team, but a highlight was when my teammate served a hard ball and got an ace.” Magante has goals for her team to improve this season and do well.

The freshman team also took home a victory, ensuring a successful night for the entire program. The young girls played a hard game and their hard work paid off when they were able to conclude the match in two sets. The ladies took the first set with a score of 25-19, and the second with a score of 25-17, earning them a big win.

The players each played a great game, ensuring Highland High will be a formidable challenge to their opponents in the upcoming season. Though this was the first game of the season, its success is predicted and expected for a great season to come.