Highland Players Cast Fall Play

By Vanessa Daubney

The time for wishing friends to “break a leg” is finally back with the casting of Highland Player’s new production, A Children’s Hour. Gabrielle Bodden, Alexia Bridges, Viviana Romero, Andrea Buhrer, Chelsea Bozarth, Faith Stalnaker, and Kelly Millan picked up the lead roles.

Director and drama teacher Mrs. Self described the new play’s plot as: spoiled child at a boarding school in the 1930’s lies to get her way, destroying many lives in the process. 

Self’s favorite thing about the play is the abundance of female roles. “Not many plays have a bunch of female roles,” Mrs. Self excitedly commented. She also explained that she has more male actors than females, which makes this production more challenging for her students and the club.

Extreme excitement filled the common’s stage when the cast list was being posted. Mrs. Self explained, “Usually cast list will go up before school on Friday, if we finish auditions on Thursday. However, we had to finish the crew list, so it was postponed until after school.” 

Additional cast member include Marissa Palacios, Alyssa Sanchez, Abigail Matheny, Lindsey Martinez, William Sorenson, Vince Salazar, Trenda Garcia, and Michael Gomez.

A Children’s Hour will be performed on November 10-11 and 17-18. All performances begin at 7:00 P.M. Tickets are sold at the door. $7.00 adults, $5.00 students, $4.00 with ASB (VIB) card.