Get Your Yearbooks!

By Johnathan Burton

Yearbooks! They will be on sale for the rest of the year, up until they run out. You can purchase the yearbooks online at under Highland, Palmdale; but they can also be purchased at the student store with or without any package deals for $75, unless you have an ASB card where you can buy it for $70. Prices go up October 1st.

The theme for the 2017-1018 Yearbook will be television themes from your childhood to teenage years,  ranging from Looney Toons to 13 Reason Why on Netflix. However, the twist will be that all Highland students will be considered the outstanding cast for a very own “That’s So Highland” for the yearbook. Yearbook staff members have commented that they are having a lot of fun with the theme and cannot wait to see what others think.

Another thing to take advantage of this year are the packages on sale at the student store. In each package, there will be a yearbook included as well as an ASB card and Homecoming Dance ticket. Dawna Woslum, the Accounting Manager for Highland explained that “each package deal is different and includes many tickets for school functions and games. Plus no grade level is left out when it comes to these package deals.” 

Buying the yearbook early is highly recommended because of these discounts, and will be on sale from August 1st through September the 30th, when package sales end and yearbook prices go up.

For seniors this year, they have a choice for two different packages. For the full Senior Package, it will include: an ASB card, Yearbook, Senior shirt, Homecoming Dance ticket, Prom tickets and Grad Nite tickets for $360, and providing a $40 discount.  Another package for seniors is mixed in with the juniors. The Junior/Senior Package includes: an ASB card, Yearbook, Homecoming Dance ticket, and a Prom ticket for $225. Also there is a Sophomore Package for$111, that includes: an ASB card, Yearbook and a Homecoming Dance ticket. Lastly, the Freshman Package will be on sale for $125 with: an ASB card, Yearbook, Homecoming Dance tickets, and PE clothes.