What Is Drum Core International?

By Destiny McCaslin

For the Highland High School Marching Band and Colorguard, Drum Corps International (DCI) is one of the biggest events of the year. DCI was held on 8/9/2017, and is when the professional bands go head to head in competition for the coveted top spot in a fantastic display of their hard won excellence. DCI is televised publicly, at the IMAX Cinemark, and lasts roughly six hours in length. The band students love the event, and often talk about their favorite shows from years past. Despite this, the mass non-band playing populous held within the concrete walls of Highland are yet unaware of the world of the band and its members. 

Love for band and DCI can be found with the students themselves. Areia Scott, a junior, often states how much she loves the band, and what she refers to as “the band family” on occasion.

Reed Phillips-Donat, a senior, has spent two years in the HHS marching band. His views of the HHS Marching Band, and Marching Bands in general, is no secret. Having played in bands for four years prior to coming to HHS, Reed’s opinion seems to have sustained unwavering. He finds band, or at least the HHS band, to be worthwhile and a lot of fun.

However, and this is a fact well known by all who have the slightest dealings with a Marching Band, that it is a lot of work, and an incredible commitment. As Band Director McCaslin states, “….it is a lot of work, and a lot of commitment.” He says,“….I feel the band is very good. It gives the kids a place to go, [and] a thing to be proud of.”