ASB Wristbands

By Sidney Burgos

Have you received candy from ASB lately? Highland has now introduced cardinal wristbands to promote school spirit. The bands were handed out the first weeks of school.

The “spirit” bands were originally conceived of during Natalie Angulo’s sophomore year. Angulo is now ASB president. Hero Club helped raise the money to purchase the bands. Now, ASB randomly gives out candy to people who are wearing their wristbands. 

What kind of surprises can students expect? Natalie wants it to be a fun and happy activity that catches students off guard. When students purchase an ASB card, they can also receive a gold wristband. Buying a VIB card helps support the school and ASB more.

The wristbands help our school become a more a involved community by encouraging students to get involved. The program benefits Highland because it’s an opportunity to for teachers, the staff, and students to come together.

ASB had hoped o purchase shirts instead of the wristbands, but it cost too much. The wristbands express how we are all equal and they resemble our spirit as a Bulldog family. It makes people feel good when they know they’re going to be a part of something.

Students should make sure to wear their wristbands and hope that an ASB member spots them for a nice surprise in return. Wear them everyday, because there aren’t any “planned” days when ASB will be handing out small surprises for participants. It’s always a surprise!